Choose the Services that Meet Your Needs

Prospect Research and Grants Readiness

With our one month Prospect Research and Readiness Plan, we will:

  • Build a 12-month grants calendar for you with 24 hand-selected prospects for your programs
  • Give you detailed instructions on how to apply to each one, and tried and true methods to keep you on track for submissions throughout the year
  • We will create a boilerplate proposal, review all of your commonly requested proposal documents and get you organized and ready for growth

This package is completed in just four weeks and offers great value and a big return on investment.

My Grants Manager - Ongoing Grant Writing and Grants Management

Gateway to Grants offers start to finish grants management contracts through  My Grants Manager. With this plan, we offer:

  • Prospect research, strategic fundraising planning, grant proposal and report writing and cloud-based grants management
  • Full access to My Grants Manager, a unique workspace for grants, designed to make your life easier.
    • A searchable database of thousands of national and international grant-makers
    • An online interactive grants calendar
    • A highly organized document storage system, and educational tools and resources to ensure that you learn and grow
  • Flat monthly fees are based on the organization’s annual operating budget size

Government Grants Plan

Are you looking for help with a government grant? Gateway to Grants offers grant writing and outstanding project management services for submissions to local, state and federal government agencies on a single project basis.

  • We have won state and federal grants in the range of $200K to $7 million from agencies including DOH/HRSA, USAID, VAWA, NIH, DOD, and DOE, to name a few
  • Gateway to Grants delivers a high quality product with a short turnaround time
  •  Flat rate fees are available.